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Date:  07 Apr 2012 04:39:17 Hong Kong Time

Re: Reveal URL in search results?

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Winston wrote:

> Pardon if this has been 'done to death here'.
> I'm trying to document URLs on the web but my search results
> contain links that are all crudded up with browser-specific
> garbage if the link is longer than say 67 characters.
> I see that duckduckgo still does this properly and I can edit
> the results string from Yahoo to clean off the junk.
> I want clean URLs after duckduckgo and Yahoo change to the
> Google model.  I don't want to run the crudded URL through
> a link shortener because that won't get me the clean link.
> I searched for a FAQ for netscape.public.mozilla.browser.
> I Googled
> I Yahoo'ed
> I even duckduckgo'ed
> Nothing!
> Here's an example:
> duckduckgo "Copy Link Location" URL:
> Google "Copy Link Location" URL:
> AltaVista "Copy Link Location" URL:
> Your thoughts, please?

A.  One of these Firefox extensions looks like it could do the job.

    Redirect Cleaner

    Redirect Remover | |

B.  > "Pardon if this has been 'done to death here'"

    You might have noticed that there are hardly any real posts 
    in 'here' (this group), except spam.   As for why this is, see

Kind regards