From:  "" <>
Date:  09 Feb 2012 06:15:23 Hong Kong Time

Re: multiple browser versions


Il 20/09/2011 07:01, dilbert firestorm ha scritto:
> what do I need to have seperate versions of the browser running?
> I'm trying to install version 4.0 in addition to 6.0.2 that's already 
> on the computer.
> problem is, its not a clean install.  the bookmarked tabs get carried 
> over.
> this is in relation to the on going certificate problem I'm having 
> with firefox.  When I get one of  those invalid certificate and add an 
> excemption to it, the html formatting of the web page gets fucked up.
> so, in this case, I'm trying get back to 4.0 where I never had these 
> problems to begin with.

multiple choose browser ?
still ?