From:  Lostgallifreyan <>
Date:  19 Oct 2011 17:47:55 Hong Kong Time

Re: FF2 opens only a blank page when hyperlinks clicked in (say) mail client

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> Now if I click on a link in an email message, FF opens a new blank
> page.  So something got broken, but I have no idea what.

Try unsetting, then resetting, FireFox as default browser. If that fails to 
fix it, look in Regedit to see if the string "URL Protocol" appears in a few 
places, usually associated with a classid (long bracketed string of 
hexadecimal digits with a few dashes in it). If you see nothing to match that 
simple description before the search reports no further matches for "URL 
Protocol" it means you might need some more detailed fix. Reinstalling may be 
easier for you than finding it, if there is no direct way to undo the 
registry cleaner's action.