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Date:  04 Oct 2011 00:50:14 Hong Kong Time

Re: Don't go to domains I didn't click on

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On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 20:37:27 -0400, micky 

>On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 15:16:17 +1300, Ralph Fox <-rf-nz-@-.invalid>
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>>FarAway@LongAgo wrote:
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>>> Hello.
>>> I would like a browser which, well, didn't go to domains that I
>>> haven't explicitly clicked on hyperlink for that domain, or at least
>>> if it wants to will ask me first. 
>>> Is this reaonable? Possible? Possible with Firefox?
>Sure it's reasonable, and if Ralph had given a one-sided answer, I'd
>check that box too.   Has your current setting caused you problems
>that I also should worry about?  

Probably - who knows where malware comes from? It just seems such an
obvious thing to do.

It is amazing to me that browsers prevent you reading your own files
but let complete strangers change your boot-up code.

>>> Thanks for any information.
>>1.  In Firefox, you can enable the setting
>>    "Warn me when sites try to redirect or reload the page"
>>    at  "Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> General"
>>    •  This will warn you when web pages redirect to a different domain.
>>    •  But it will also warn you when web pages redirect to a page on
>>       the same domain.
>IIUC, in the last several minutes of an auction, Ebay "reload"s the
>auction page every time the bid goes up.   This warning will show up
>then, I suppose, waiting until I check okay, and slowing down my
>bidding because I won't know the current bid.    Does that make sense?
>In fact it changes the "Time left until the auction ends" every second
>towards the end.  Would this be page reload also?

yes. preventing page reload isn't what am lookng for.
>>2.  Some pages also go to different domains to load parts of the page.
>>    •  I am not sure whether you can disable this in recent versions
>>       of Firefox.
>>    •  Disabling this will break many sites.  For example, "" 
>>       pages load imagres from a different domain "".
>>    •  There used to be a setting to disable this, but too many of
>>       the people who disabled it also complained about the results.

I don't want to prevent it, just have the chance to say no as I can do
to cookies on IE.

Actually the main reason I use Firefox is because of the add-ins, and
I stick with version 3 as I like cache viewer. But I do it on my
second-best machine!