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Date:  30 Sep 2011 10:16:17 Hong Kong Time

Re: Don't go to domains I didn't click on

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FarAway@LongAgo wrote:

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> Hello.
> I would like a browser which, well, didn't go to domains that I
> haven't explicitly clicked on hyperlink for that domain, or at least
> if it wants to will ask me first. 
> Is this reaonable? Possible? Possible with Firefox?
> Thanks for any information.

1.  In Firefox, you can enable the setting
    "Warn me when sites try to redirect or reload the page"
    at  "Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> General"

    •  This will warn you when web pages redirect to a different domain.
    •  But it will also warn you when web pages redirect to a page on
       the same domain.

2.  Some pages also go to different domains to load parts of the page.
    •  I am not sure whether you can disable this in recent versions
       of Firefox.
    •  Disabling this will break many sites.  For example, "" 
       pages load imagres from a different domain "".
    •  There used to be a setting to disable this, but too many of
       the people who disabled it also complained about the results.

Kind regards