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Date:  06 Sep 2011 00:39:54 Hong Kong Time

Re: WTF Mozilla?

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On Mon, 5 Sep 2011 13:04:55 +0000 (UTC), Robert James

>On Sun, 04 Sep 2011 20:30:01 -0400, I imposed a declaration in opposition
>to micky's motion to modify THE PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION in support of the
>Court of Usenet Justice proceeding preliminary declaration,
>> Now my list has about 60 itesm in it, only 2 of which I will ever
>> want to reopen. So those 2 are hard to find among the other 58.
>> Any ideas?  Much appreciated. 
>Hay Micky, if I recall an option in about:config was 
>browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo that allows you to increase or 
>decrease the number of sites on the list (this might void your warranty). 
>Although I have no idea if this option is on Firefox 6, and of course 
>this mod would only show the last "x" visited sites you closed, not 
>necessarily the ones you want to find before "x".

Thanks a lot.  Yes, I know about browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo,
and I've increased it to 20.   

More important for me, is browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo

The default (for both) is 3, iirc, (or maybe 5) and I figured that if
I had a window I closed to save for later, with tabs I want, and then
I close 3 more of those little windows, the one I wanted to save would
now be 4th and would get kicked off the list.    I took that to mean I
couldn't reopen it.  (I have also saved all the tabs in a window to
bookmarks, but a) that only includes the urls of the tabs that are
showing, none of the Back or Forward tabs.  b) they tend to get lost
among the other bookmarks.  

 It was much better in version 3, when if I closed all the tabs but an
empty tab (open new tab), then closing the windows deleted the window
from the  Recently Closed Window list.  

BTW, I've also increasedbrowser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo several
times, to 250 now, waiting for ssomeone at mozilla to restore version
3 functionality, but no one on newsgroups seems to even think there's
a problem. 

 I hate weblists, but if there were one that FF developers actually
read, I'd post there.