From:  Rui Maciel <>
Date:  02 Sep 2011 16:24:06 Hong Kong Time

Re: WTF Mozilla?


John Doe wrote:

> Honestly it's pathetic when some Joe Blow throws a tantrum about
> useful software he had no role in developing and didn't even pay
> for. What a jerk.

You may interpret it as a "tantrum" and even believe that no one has the 
right to an opinion regarding something which he didn't paid for nor 
developed.  Yet, what you must understand is that these stunts are 
inconvenient, and they do inconvenience people.  And nowadays, with all the 
competition that the browser market has, including products which are also 
free and that the user also haven't contributed to, then this sort of stunts 
can very well mean that the users, motivated by these inconveniences, simply 
decide to abandon Firefox in favour of a better alternative.  

As some statistics already point out chrome as the second most used browser, 
following IE, then those involved in Firefox either pay attention to the 
inconveniences they are creating or soon they will be as relevant as 
konqueror.  Meanwhile, attempts to feel superior to others by whining about 
any form of criticism accomplishes absolutely nothing.

> But seriously, who gives a fuck what they do with the version
> numbers.

Those who have to manage installations of that software, along with people 
who invest their time developing extensions for it.

Rui Maciel