From:  Robert James <>
Date:  02 Sep 2011 00:54:00 Hong Kong Time

Re: WTF Mozilla?

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> On 9/01/11 12:23 PM, Robert James wrote:
>> Uncle Robbieboi's story time hour:
>> Thanks to a high speed WLAN connection as well as a power outlet in my
>> general area I decided to update my *nixtop for the first time in a few
>> months... Now it was only a few months ago when I got on the new
>> Mozilla hotness, Firefox 5 --- a new version of an old Netscape
>> workhorse. Version 5, while in beta for several months finally released
>> a stable copy in late June ... It was all new --- in late June. Late
>> June of this year mind you. I want you to remember after over a decade
>> of open Netscape clones --- after ALL that time version * 5 * of
>> Firefox came out... In late June, 2011 A.D.
>> Well the update went fine and I casually checked my version number,
>> 6.0.1... 'O... Wait... WTF Mozilla? Damn it, why is a very minor update
>> of an already recently released browser now a version higher???
>> Of course I run to Wikipedia, just to make sure I'm reading my version
>> number right. HOLY SWEET JESUS MOTHER OF GOD! Seems that version 6 that
>> is one month old is now old and busted... 7.0 Beta 2 is out to testers.
>> So let me get this right, cus this is completely NEW to me... Last I
>> checked version 5 after a long development was brought to the public to
>> much fan fair. Before many people even bothered to CHECK for a MINOR
>> updated they have version 6 hoisted on 'em to their surprise --- and a
>> few DAYS after your working on version 7 --- which is bull cause
>> version 8 is already in development BEFORE a stable release of 7 is
>> out.
>> Wait, GOD DAMN IT --- forget version 8, looks like version 9 is going
>> to be in stable this December! Somebody knock Mozilla over the head
>> before by 2012 we need to install Mozilla Firefox v. 234.01!
>> WTF is this Mozilla???
>> No, really... WTF Mozilla???
> They have gone to rolling releases, on an approximately 6 week schedule,
> similar to what Google Chrome does.  I would hate to be an extension
> developer, but apparently it allows new features to be released faster,
> honestly though I can't see much difference between 4 and 6, ignoring 5
> totally.  Oh, there is also talk of them hiding the version number
> entirely, and just keep rolling up the number quietly without you
> seeing.

Honestly it is pathetic when I see developers releasing rolling updates 
for the sole purpose that their adversaries are a number higher. Now 
understandably this occurs in retail software where a customer may decide 
to buy a competing product simply because it is v11 compared to the other 
program at v9. It's one of the major reasons since the mid-90's many 
software manufactures decided to use years to denounce version numbers. I 
mean I found it kind of funny that Slackware Linux bumped directly from 
version 4 to version 7 in a matter of a month or two because they felt 
they deserved it over Redhat and Mandrake --- but hay, Subgeniuses do 
these things.

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