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Date:  24 May 2011 18:59:38 Hong Kong Time

Re: A question about friendly domain name entry


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badvad wrote:

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> Hi guys, sorry a cheeky one , but unsure who can support such a
> pathetic question.

As you can probably see, there are not many guys in this group at all.
This group was officially abandoned 5 years ago.
People have moved to the mozilla.* support groups on the news server

> Really sorry to waste your time but I hope someone knows and it won't
> be too much trouble to explain this.
> The problem is on a browser if I put in google or boots or msn or
> microsoft  (without domain extension .com etc)  it redirects me to
> their sites, If I put in my own, it redirects to search page.

Perhaps your browser is configured to do a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" 
type search when you type in a word like "microsoft" instead of a 
server name like "".  The other sites are all top 
of the search list for their word; yours is not yet.

Enter this in the URL bar
scroll down to find the preference whose name is
and double-click it to change it from true to false.

Does that fix it?

> Is there a way of making the browser default to a .com domain name
> without .com?

If it is not doing a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" type search, Firefox 
can be configured to put both "www." before the word and ".com" after.  
Does putting both "www." before the word and ".com" after, give you 
your site?

In the about:config page, scroll down to find the preference whose 
name is
and check whether the value is "true".

Kind regards