From:  badvad <>
Date:  24 May 2011 18:43:33 Hong Kong Time

Re: A question about friendly domain name entry


On May 24, 5:46 am, Robert Riches  wrote:
> On 2011-05-23, badvad  wrote:
> > Hi guys, sorry a cheeky one , but unsure who can support such a
> > pathetic question.
> > Really sorry to waste your time but I hope someone knows and it won't
> > be too much trouble to explain this.
> > The problem is on a browser if I put in google or boots or msn or
> > microsoft  (without domain extension .com etc)  it redirects me to
> > their sites, If I put in my own, it redirects to search page.
> > Is there a way of making the browser default to a .com domain name
> > without .com?
> Whose site are you being redirected to?  Based just on your
> description, it sounds like it _might_ be DNS hijacking (or
> "helping" as described by the marketroid).  A lot of ISP and
> other DNS servers will redirect an unresolvable domain name to a
> "helpful" search page.  The solution to that problem is to use an
> honest DNS server.  (I use a for-fee account at OpenDNS and have
> found them to be pretty good.)
> --
> Robert Riches
> (Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)

Robert, sorry I may have worded it all incorrectly, and this is half
of the problem unsure of what I need to search for on the internet to
get a better understanding

Basically I wish to adapt/enable the feature that large organisations
are using when it comes to visiting their domains

I have tried this in firefox/chrome and even lynx (cli)

It seems that for the address bar if I enter simply google/boots
(there are tonnes of these)  but just their actual company name
without .com the browser figures out their actual domain name
and redirects webpage to correct domain.

If I put in my domain without .com  the browser redirects me to search
page like I was searching the internet

Never mind I just tried it in Lynx and without the .com it worked ...
but still would be nice to know what the formulae is when the browser
defaults to a site without domain extensions added to a domain.