From:  Ed Resnick <>
Date:  07 Mar 2011 14:52:57 Hong Kong Time

Re: Images trying to save as "url.htm"


I have this problem as well. Some JPEGs work but many of them, when you try to save them, save as "url.htm" unless you both enter a new name as well as select "All Files" from the type drop-down in the save dialog (it appends a .htm extension otherwise). The actual file is indeed the original JPEG and not an HTML file of course, even if the filename is url.htm

I'm sure the problem must be caused by some headers sent by the server, but this problem didn't used to exist and it continually annoys me

Here is an example file that results in this problem. I don't know if the server allows hot-linking so be sure to copy and paste this URL to be on the safe side