From:  who where <>
Date:  31 Oct 2010 15:30:47 Hong Kong Time

Re: saved tabs and second instances ...


On Sun, 31 Oct 2010 12:05:05 +0800, who where  wrote:

>On Sun, 31 Oct 2010 08:36:45 +0800, who where  wrote:
>>My wife has a laptop (WinXp, updated) running Firefox 3.6.12 which we
>>both use when away from home.  She has more than a dozen saved tabs
>>which of course reappear each time FF is started (and heaven help me
>>if I were to close FF without them being saved!).
>>If a second instance is started, it shows just the home page - great.
>>I'm not game to close the first instance and then the second, in case
>>the saved tabs from i1 get buried (see above para).
>>By way of example, I have Eudora as a mail client on my desktop
>>machine with two separate non-interacting instances.  That's the sort
>>of thing I'd like to achieve on her laptop with FF -  a separate FF
>>config/icon so that a completely unrelated instance can be set up and
>>saved with its own data - not a dozen+ tabs, but not interfering with
>>the SWMBO setup.  Is this possible, and if so can someone tell me how
>>to do it?
>I should mention that the FF Profile Manager doesn't *quite* do what
>we would like - ideally two separate desktop icons, each linked to its
>own profile, with the equivalent of the "don't ask" selected for each
>so we don't need to manually select a profile at startup.

I have had the proper solution pointed out to me in the FF KB.
Default icon has "don't aks me" selected, and alternate(s) use the
command-line pointer:
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P "altprofilename"

Thought it appropriate to post this self-followup in case someone else
happens here with the same issue.