From: (Jeffery Small)
Date:  05 Sep 2010 04:43:41 Hong Kong Time

Re: Problem with Firefox tabs

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Robert Riches  writes:


Thanks for the suggestion.  I did check the config options and I did not see
anything that appeared to relate to this issue.  I was hopping the fix might be
something as easy as this, but if it is, I do not know what parameter to change.
Does anyone else have a suggestion?


>On 2010-09-03, Jeffery Small  wrote:
>> Firefox 3.6.8 on SPARC Solaris 10:
>> There is a very annoying problem with tabs.  When I have enough tabs open
>> to span across the Firefox frame and I then want to close the right-most
>> tab, I move the mouse up towards the [X] on that tab.  However, just as I
>> am about to select it, the tab moves to the left and an unnecessary right
>> arrows appears which is maybe supposed to scroll over for hidden tabs,
>> of which there are none.  The problem is that now, instead of clicking on
>> the [X] to dismiss the tab, I'm clicking on the arrow which does nothing.
>> Can anyone please explain how to permanently disable this annoying right
>> arrow so that it never appears.  Thanks.
>> Regards,

>Have you gone to "about:config" (in the address box), putting
>"tab" in the filter box, and looking through the list for
>something that looks relevant?

>(Don't actually type in the quotation marks, of course.)

>Robert Riches
>(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)