From:  Andrew Halberstadt <>
Date:  11 Jan 2019 23:02:36 Hong Kong Time

Experimental `mach try chooser` landed


One of the big frustrations with try syntax/trychooser is that the
page never gets updated when tasks are added or changed. A
very common question is "How can I run  with try
syntax? It's not on trychooser".

I recently landed a new `mach try chooser` command which
dynamically creates a trychooser-like web page based on the
taskgraph and serves it locally. This way, new or modified tasks
automatically show up and can be selected. It also does away
with the need to copy syntax strings, and supports pushing
directly from the web app. To try it out, run:

    $ ./mach try chooser

I'm still calling this "experimental" because I'm not happy with
the implementation. It's fairly brittle and won't be easy to
extend for new types of tasks that might not fit the current
mold. I think it should likely be rewritten with React.

But since I had this implementation mostly finished and
working for many use cases, I decided to land what I had in
the meantime in the hopes of getting some early feedback.
So please try it out and if you have issues or ideas, file them
under Firefox Build System :: Try and block bug 1499822.


p.s if anyone with webdev/React experience has an interest in
this area, I'd welcome all the help I can get. I'm not sure when
I'll have time to learn React and re-write this.