From:  Andrew Halberstadt <>
Date:  02 Sep 2017 04:25:16 Hong Kong Time

Pytest now being used to run all python unittests


With bug 1339178 , we
are now using pytest to run almost* all the tests from
|mach python-test|, even if they are built on the python 'unittest'
library! This
means you'll see a different output format when running them, and there
should be a ton more useful information to help you debug when things fail.

You can also start converting your assertions from:
self.assertEqual(a, b)

assert a == b

Pytest  is a pretty great
framework, so you may want to convert your unittest
based tests wholesale anyway. See their unittest integration docs
 for more


* There are two tests that failed when being converted, bringing them along
is tracked by bug 1395630