From:  Alex Gaynor <>
Date:  15 May 2017 22:22:58 Hong Kong Time

Re: Changes to code review tools and processes


On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 5:22 AM, smaug  wrote:

> On 05/15/2017 05:19 AM, Eric Rescorla wrote:
>> I'm indifferent to whether Phabricator comments are mirrored into
>> Bugzilla,
>> but I
>> do want to note for the future that I personally would like us to move
>> away
>> from
>> a model where Bugzilla bugs are the primary unit of work in favor of one
>> where
>> CLs are the primary unit of work.
> How do track comments in coherent way in such model? Easy way to go back
> in time in
> code and look at blame and the relevant comments about the change is a key
> piece for successful code reviews,
> and for successful code writing.

Why would shifting state between the code review system and the ticketing
system effect the totality of your ability to look at the history? You look
in one place instead of the other :-)

I'm relatively new to Mozilla (grain of salt, etc.), but I personally find
it very difficult to read a code review as a Bugzilla comment, compared
with reading it in mozreview (or other code reveiw tools for that matter),
so in my day-to-day work I always go to mozreview to read comments,
whenever possible.