From:  Christie Koehler <>
Date:  03 Apr 2014 07:41:16 Hong Kong Time

Re: Where to file bugs for


On 04/02/2014 04:33 PM, Mark A. Hershberger wrote:
> On 04/02/2014 07:05 PM, Christie Koehler wrote:
>> 1) Websites >
>> 2) Infrastructure & Operations > WebOps: IT-Managed Tools
> I've only followed the first.  I would prefer technical issues be filed
> there.  Is there a compelling reason to keep technical issues out of there?

Can you give an example of what you mean by 'technical issues'?

> If there is, does anyone have a good way for me to monitor the second
> queue and ignore everything non-wiki?

If we use the second for only things that someone on the WebOps team can 
do (like code deployments), then would you need to follow the component? 
If we're planning a specific action you could be notified by explicitly 
cc'ing you or by linking to a tracking bug in

I think the rationale for using both components depending on the 
situation is to help demarcate when WebOps actually needs to do 
something vs this working group or a wiki admin (which doesn't require 
server access).

Does that make sense? Someone from WebOps should probably weigh in as 
they're affected by this.


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