From:  Mark Côté <>
Date:  25 Feb 2015 04:29:29 Hong Kong Time

Re: Pulse Specification


Almost missed this.  The answer is currently "anyone with Persona"; I'd
like to make it Mozillians only, but I'll have to find someone to move
bug 1091682 for that to happen.  I'll add this to the spec.


On 2015-01-20 8:33 AM, Dustin Mitchell wrote:
> I got a question about this over the weekend, from a Buildbot dev, who
> noticed that since his last visit pulse now requires authentication.
> It might be good to indicate exactly who is allowed (to my knowledge,
> anyone with an email, via persona?), to avoid the perception that it's
> limited to employees or developers.
> Dustin
> On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 7:09 PM, Mark Côté  wrote:
>> This is great!  I did a few small edits in the Etherpad for grammar and
>> such.  I have a few other comments:
>> * PulseGuardian is a core piece of the Pulse system, but it's not
>> covered by "AMQP with extensions".  I'm not sure how to describe it
>> though... "management tools", maybe? But that's pretty vague.  Somehow
>> I'd like to emphasize that there are multiple parts (well, one at the
>> moment) to Pulse beyond a RabbitMQ server.
>> * Pulse is operated by Mozilla automation teams, but it's not really
>> limited to automation services.  For example, we post Bugzilla updates,
>> and we're likely to start posting hg check-ins as well.  Those are both
>> heavily used in automation and are critical parts of it, but they aren't
>> entirely automation, in my mind anyway.  Again I admit that I'm not sure
>> of a better term, though.
>> * "The accessToken is strictly secret and may not be shared
>> publicly." => "MUST NOT"?
>> Mark
>> On 2015-01-15 4:26 PM, Jonas Finnemann Jensen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> In Portland mcote, jhford and I, discussed formalizing exactly what pulse
>>> is.
>>> The end goal is to have some sort of formalized document that says
>>> something about how pulse SHOULD, MUST and MAY be used.
>>> I've drafted a document here:
>>> It attempts to specify how pulse should work with publisher and subscribers.
>>> I tried to keep it should, and was very tempted only to the bullet point
>>> form, but I included it for the lazy people like me.
>>> Comments, suggestions...?
>>> Any other ways that are good to use pulse.
>>> This document tries to encourage deliver at-least-once semantics.
>>> And formalize which AMQP features and RabbitMQ extensions we MAY use.
>>> --
>>> Regards Jonas Finnemann Jensen.
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