From:  Jonathan Griffin <>
Date:  10 Jul 2014 04:09:50 Hong Kong Time

Re: Keeping latest releng pulse messages



I don't have an immediate use case, but it will definitely be helpful when I next have to investigate something related to buildbot pulse messages.  Previously, I'd start a consumer and wait until the relevant messages appeared, but that's pretty inefficient...


On 7/9/2014 8:45 AM, Chris AtLee wrote:
Just to close the loop here, I've started an *experimental* pulse -> s3 service (on my laptop!)

This is currently copying all releng pulse messages to this bucket:

You can navigate around by adding various query parameters, e.g.

The REST API is documented here:

I've set the object lifetime to 21 days.

Please let me know if this is useful at all.


On 13:37, Mon, 26 May, Chris AtLee wrote:
Yes, I think this would be really useful to have.

At one point I was consuming the pulse messages and archiving them into a mongodb. We could revive / production-ify that as a way to implement this historical data.

Alternatively we can just dump them into a directory, one file per message, and delete files older than 24 hours.

On 13:04, Mon, 26 May, Armen Zambrano G. wrote:
What do people think of keeping around (somewhere) the last day worth of
pulse messages from the releng systems?
Would it nice-to-have? or would it actually help you solve debugging issues?

I assume everyone can build their own tools to do this but I wonder if
there is value for a common tool.

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