From:  Axel Hecht <>
Date:  23 May 2014 06:58:54 Hong Kong Time

Re: Pulse roadmap/state - taskcluster integration?


On 5/22/14 11:46 PM, Mark Côté wrote:
> We actually had an hg publisher at one point, but it was deactivated for
> some reason (before I was involved in Pulse).  If you already have a
> publisher for hg commits, then we could adapt the existing classes in
> mozillapulse to reflect what it does and allow other services to
> subscribe to them again.

As I observed that back in the days, the notifier crashed on various 
occasions, in particular file additions/removals/renames and merges made 
it go funky.

That might have been because it tried to include everything and the sun 
in the message. IIRC, if it had reduced itself to "repo, changesets, 
pusher, pushdate", things would have been OK.