From:  "Francesco Lodolo [:flod]" <>
Date:  24 Oct 2014 15:05:59 Hong Kong Time

Re: Kicking off Aisle. Javascript hackers that localize Mozilla wanted


Il 24/10/14 00:14, Axel Hecht ha scritto:
At the risk of sounding not smart, in that page it says: "Firstly, you 
want to get c9v3, and get that running locally. Please follow the docs 

I found this blog post about the release:
So, I went to, signed up and did a bit of testing with the demo 
workspace. But that's definitely not installing c9v3 locally.

The only thing I found with Google is this page:
But it hasn't received updates in almost a year. Is this the 
documentation to use?

I confess everything is a bit cryptic for someone who didn't know what 
c9 was until yesterday.