Date:  27 Mar 2018 11:12:14 Hong Kong Time

Re: Can someone please help me on this


Am Freitag, 2. November 2012 08:56:46 UTC+1 schrieb
> Hi All,
> Can you please help me on this. We are using the following versions of bugzilla and testopia
>      bugzilla : 4.2.3 
>      Testopia : 2.5 
> We are having 5-6 products in our company and we have all of them created in bugzilla. And they show fine when we are logging a bug.
> But for some reason we are not able to view this 5-6 products
> under ""Product dashboard" --> Products --> Tree (on the left side). What we see here is only 
>       -Classifications
>            - Internal Projects
>            - Products (nothing under it is shown, though we have them in bugzilla)
>  But these products are shown in the "product" drop down menu, when we are trying to create a  "new Plan". I am not sure if i am missing something basic here, because i am new to this.
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