From:  Ralph Siemsen <>
Date:  22 Mar 2012 08:46:16 Hong Kong Time

tr_show_run and Firefox 11


Hi All,

When viewing a Test Run with the tr_show_run.cgi script, the "Expected 
Results" iframe is normally populated as soon as you click on one of the 
test cases. With Firefox 11 (windows7 and Linux/386) this no longer 
works. The iframe content is updated (you can see the text in Firebug) 
but it is not visible. Any idea what is going on here?

Other fields (in particular the "Actions" field) are updated correctly. 
Only the tr_show_run.cgi page has the problem; editing cases via 
tr_show_case.cgi works fine (all fields).

Any suggestions for debugging this would be appreciated.