From:  Daniel <>
Date:  30 Mar 2019 18:08:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: Seamonkey uses too much memory


Daniel wrote on 24/03/2019 7:13 PM:
> Gabriel wrote on 23/03/2019 10:42 PM:
>> Daniel wrote on 23/03/2019 04:15:
>>> Gabriel wrote on 23/03/2019 2:42 AM:
>>>> I don't have plugins installed, but these extensions:
>>>> - duplicate this tab
>>>> - font finder
>>>> - instagram video download
>>>> - remove duplicate messages
>>> Hey, Gabriel, this extension, 'Remove Duplicate Messages' ....Does it 
>>> remove duplicate messages on a newsgroup, or does it remove duplicate 
>>> message with-in an individual folder or does it remove duplicate 
>>> messages in separate folders with-in a profile??
>>> If the latter, where can I get it??
>> It should remove duplicate messages in the same email folder, but on 
>> my installation it's not working; I got it from thunderbird extensions 
>> and then convert it following a suggestion I had on this NG.
>> it's called "Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)"
> Thanks, Gabriel. I've just e-mail the developer at an e-mail address 
> given at the bottom of that page to find out if it is usable on 
> SeaMonkey and if it is usable across several accounts.
> I'll let you know if I get a response.
Got it installed on my SM 2.49.1 .... and it's bugging me!! Every time I 
click on 'Reply' (like for this one), a window opens up to allow me to 
change my sig stuff!! Annoying!!

Oh!! Look! there's a "Switch signature off by default" tickbox! Guess 
I'll give that a try ...... then I'll have to find out how to Switch 
signature *ON* when I want it!! ;-( ;-P


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