From:  O.Addison Gethers <>
Date:  28 Jun 2015 05:52:26 Hong Kong Time

About sound ,status and chat screen in instant bird


How to change status?  Is there a mailing list for instant bird? I want to
know ,if there is a way to change the sound in instant bird where I can hear
better than what I have on instant bird ? Because I don't like that sound
when I'm on other window to know when someone is sending me message!! Also I
want to know when I'm chatting with 3 people ,when I'm on Denise chat window
and someone send me a  message when I press ctrl + tab jaws not telling me
who's chat window so I  had to press ctrl + t to get title of the person
name who I'm chatting with,why is jaws not saying the name when I press ctrl
+ tab in chat window?  When I'm ready to get off the computer,How do I sign
out of instant bird?