From:  WaltS48 <>
Date:  27 May 2019 22:49:18 Hong Kong Time

Re: Time Zone


On 5/26/19 9:05 PM, Marc Moisan wrote:
> Good day,
> I would like to know how I could create a new time zone?
> Specifically, I would like to create "Etc/GMT+12" which as a seafarer I sometime need when crossing the Pacific Ocean.
> I looked around but I can't find where the time zones are located to either add of modify them, I would appreciate the help.
> Cheers,
> Marc Moisan, CD, PLog

Have you tried modifying "calendar.timezone.local" in about:config to 

My setting is "calendar.timezone.local;America/New_York"

OS: Ubuntu Linux 18.04LTS - Gnome Desktop