From:  Yousef Alam <>
Date:  23 Feb 2014 22:29:52 Hong Kong Time

21/02/14 meeting roundup


Hey buddies!

We had a very productive meeting on Friday, here are the key points and
changes we are making:

*Moving to Discourse*
We have decided we are going to move this mailing list over to Discourse
. This will allow us to test
the site and work on making it a better communication platform for
Mozillians. I encourage all of you to sign up there (it takes 10
seconds!) and I will send another email out when our category has been

*The templates for the first posts have been completed on this etherpad
. Feedback
is appreciated so we can refine them and start using them quickly.*
*We have assigned mentors for each area of SUMO. Mentors are awesome
contrubutors who buddies (all of you) can ask questions to about the
buddy program. They will also be pairing up buddies and trainees in the
near future. The mentors are:


  * iamjayakumars
  * Moses


  * iamjayakumars
  * Moses
  * Surit


  * Amitshree
  * Centurion
  * Swarnava
  * Meghraj


  * yalam96

*We are in the process of creating badges to give out to buddies! We
have decided on 3 badges which should cover most of the program

Certified Awesome Contributor (Working title :)) - Trainee completes the
Helpful buddy - Buddy helps a new contributor complete the program
Super Buddy - Buddy helps 10 new contributors complete the program (may
also give out gear for this one)

You can see the badge designs here
. Thanks Jan for designing them!

If you have any questions or comments, reply to the email and we can
start a discussion :)