From:  Rosana Ardila <>
Date:  08 Feb 2014 01:07:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: Assigning buddies!


Thank a lot for posting this Yousef!

Everyone please pick the newbies and let's get this started!

We have a couple of topics on the agenda, feel free to go through the 
IRC logs and comment:


- Rosana
On 2/7/14 5:55 PM, Yousef Alam wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> In the meeting we have come up with a quick sheet showing all of the
> potential trainees that have posted in the buddy forum.
> If one of them is looking to get started in the area of sumo you are
> contributing to (l10n, Forum etc) then go ahead and put your username
> next to theirs and reply to their thread. We have a template
>  for
> contacting them initially, which you can use if you wish. There is a
> guide
> on how to work with your trainee too, if they respond. We'll also be
> sending out an email every few days with the new trainees that have
> posted on the forum.
> Free free to reply to this email if you have any questions.
> - Yousef
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