From:  Safwan Rahman <>
Date:  06 Feb 2014 20:07:04 Hong Kong Time

Re: Providing Support in local language


Dear Rosana,
Thanks for your reply. Its my pleasure to hear from you.
I am so glad to know that its possible to open a support forum in
Bengali. We must have active contributors who will to provide support
at there. In order to making a community for support in Bengali, I
would like to aware people regarding SuMO in the awareness events that
our Bangladesh community arranges. This is the first step we can do
for gathering people.
Together with gathering people, we also need a lead who will guide the
helpers as a mentor.
As we have completed  localizing 60% of "most visited article", we can
hope that sooner we will success to do it 100%. Hope to take necessary
steps for doing that as soon as possible.

As we so much interested to do that, we will work togather for making
a community who will commited to provide support in Bengali.

In this fact, I would like to suggest starting first "Social Media
Support" before "Support Forum". So the commited people will work
there first and after seeing the result of "Social Media Support", I
think we will hope to open a support forum in Bengali language.
Its just a plan of me. :D

Hoping someone will raise this issue in our next meetup of Mozilla Bangladesh.


On 2/6/14, Rosana Ardila  wrote:
> Dear Safwan,
> Thank you so much for your enthusiasm helping the Bengali Firefox users!
> I am very glad to see how the Bangladesh community is so active.
> Opening a new forum is possible and might be the best way to support a
> community, but we would love to ensure that the forum has active
> contributors, since we don't want to create a "ghost town" ;)
> I think that the steps to follow would be to assemble a small community
> of helpers who are committed to helping more in the forums. On the other
> side getting at least the Top 20 articles translated is great to cover
> many of the questions users have. Bengali is already at a 60%! S it
> looks easy to complete them!
> Let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in
> doing. If you can gather a small community then Madalina and I can assit
> you creating the new Bengali forum!
> Again, thanks so much for helping us help!
> Regards,
> - Rosana
> On 2/6/14 10:15 AM, Safwan Rahman wrote:
>> Dear Andrew,
>> Thanks a lot for your mail concerning the necessary steps. I hope to
>> do it in order to open a support forum in our language.
>> Before filling a bug, I am hoping Rosana's concern in this thread as I
>> would like to discuss here first before filling the bug.
>> Regards
>> Safwan