From:  Rachel McGuigan <>
Date:  09 Mar 2016 03:25:46 Hong Kong Time

Did you know SUMO's most frequently asked support question? SUMO questions day is Thursday!


At the end of our first two days of release there will another opportunity
to participate this week. If you have not had enough and you are ready for
more read on!

*Thursday March 8, 2016 is SUMO Day in the SUMO Support forums*. This time
it will be focused around answering questions for all Mozilla products.

To find out the answer for what the top questions are for this release see
them documented here: [Firefox 45 FAQs

A few reminders, tips and tricks

Don't forget:

   - Check the etherpad <> all the
   information is there!
   - Join us for a chat on IRC #sumo or Telegram

Tips:  Don't engage with users who use offensive speech or where it is
obvious no answer will make them happy. Move on, plenty of nice users to
help out there!

Go straight to the questions queue: