From:  Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay <>
Date:  17 Jun 2015 09:05:07 Hong Kong Time

Re: SuMo KB in bn-BD & bn-IN locales :: A new perspective


On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Swarnava Sengupta
> cc'ing Sayak, Biraj & Sankarshan for more input on this.
> On Jun 17, 2015 1:06 AM, "Ashickur Rahman"  wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I am writing this mail to speak on behalf of SuMo warriors of Bangladesh.
>> SuMo stands for Support Mozilla (; a group of
>> Mozillians and Mozilla staff together responds to any support need from
>> various Mozilla Product / Services users. The support is provided in many
>> languages ( for non-English
>> speaking users.
>> We a group of volunteer from Bangladesh render the support for our
>> citizens
>> who uses Mozilla products; regardless the UI language. The way it works
>> can
>> be described somewhat like this, there are categorized Acknowledge article
>> exists in English; we translated those article in our language and put in
>> a
>> bn-BD (language ISO Code) specific URL within domain. The
>> articles are called as Knowledge base; hence SuMo KB is a form we use to
>> term the articles.
>> We have translated and localized many SuMo KB and also successfully
>> participated in localization challenges pitched from Mozilla to boost the
>> number of SuMo KB in regional languages.
>> As we all know, Citizens of Paschimbanga, India also speaks Bangla the
>> same
>> language. They do have SuMo warriors too; they also translate SuMo KB in
>> Bengali (bn-IN) for their users. They are also a great team and consist of
>> awesome dynamic Mozillians.
>> For a period of time, Mozilla assessed the articles and found very little
>> differences in the final articles after translated into bn-BD and bn-IN;
>> on
>> the contrary significant amount of energy and resources are being used as
>> input for an almost similar output. This is something we have been doing
>> unknowingly. Mozilla promotes Open Source model; and in open source we do
>> not like to reinvent the wheel. So, how to eliminate the waste of
>> resources. Mozilla planned to merge bn-BD and bn-IN locale for SuMo.

In order to understand this situation would be relevant to have the
following available:

[+] the full and complete findings from Mozilla around the assessment
[+] detail of the methodology adopted for the assessment including the
individuals undertaking the assessment, the sample set of content, the
duration of the assessment
[+] detail of the formal 'plan' from Mozilla around this topic
including timelines and community formulation
[+] detail of whether such assessment has been previously or,
hereafter conducted for any other pair of locales
[+] summary of such other assessments if conducted, for other pairs of locales
[+] a complete and clear definition of the term 'merge' including
scope and retrospective effect if any

>> Please, don't confuse with Mozilla's perception; Mozilla is not an
>> authority to judge similarities and differences in two different locales.
>> It just found the final produced articles have too little differences.
>> This
>> happened because of the nature of SuMo KB articles written in English,
>> considering a generic form for around the world.
>> So, Mozilla proposed us to merge bn-BD and bn-IN SuMo l10n initiatives as
>> a
>> pilot. After reviewing the results the efforts may expand to other
>> projects
>> and pathways of Mozilla; where this a localization involved.
>> Now, this is in a public mailing list for all of your comments and
>> feedback. Let us discuss.
>> Regards
>> Ashickur Rahman
>> Mozilla Bangladesh - SuMo Community lead
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