From:  Ashickur Rahman <>
Date:  17 Jun 2015 03:36:15 Hong Kong Time

SuMo KB in bn-BD & bn-IN locales :: A new perspective


Dear All,

I am writing this mail to speak on behalf of SuMo warriors of Bangladesh.
SuMo stands for Support Mozilla (; a group of
Mozillians and Mozilla staff together responds to any support need from
various Mozilla Product / Services users. The support is provided in many
languages ( for non-English
speaking users.

We a group of volunteer from Bangladesh render the support for our citizens
who uses Mozilla products; regardless the UI language. The way it works can
be described somewhat like this, there are categorized Acknowledge article
exists in English; we translated those article in our language and put in a
bn-BD (language ISO Code) specific URL within domain. The
articles are called as Knowledge base; hence SuMo KB is a form we use to
term the articles.

We have translated and localized many SuMo KB and also successfully
participated in localization challenges pitched from Mozilla to boost the
number of SuMo KB in regional languages.

As we all know, Citizens of Paschimbanga, India also speaks Bangla the same
language. They do have SuMo warriors too; they also translate SuMo KB in
Bengali (bn-IN) for their users. They are also a great team and consist of
awesome dynamic Mozillians.

For a period of time, Mozilla assessed the articles and found very little
differences in the final articles after translated into bn-BD and bn-IN; on
the contrary significant amount of energy and resources are being used as
input for an almost similar output. This is something we have been doing
unknowingly. Mozilla promotes Open Source model; and in open source we do
not like to reinvent the wheel. So, how to eliminate the waste of
resources. Mozilla planned to merge bn-BD and bn-IN locale for SuMo.

Please, don't confuse with Mozilla's perception; Mozilla is not an
authority to judge similarities and differences in two different locales.
It just found the final produced articles have too little differences. This
happened because of the nature of SuMo KB articles written in English,
considering a generic form for around the world.

So, Mozilla proposed us to merge bn-BD and bn-IN SuMo l10n initiatives as a
pilot. After reviewing the results the efforts may expand to other projects
and pathways of Mozilla; where this a localization involved.

Now, this is in a public mailing list for all of your comments and
feedback. Let us discuss.

Ashickur Rahman
Mozilla Bangladesh - SuMo Community lead