From:  Ashickur Rahman <>
Date:  26 Apr 2015 02:31:13 Hong Kong Time

Bangladesh SuMo community meetup 1.0


Dear All

We are excited to announce that we are going to arrange a two day long meet
up for Mozilla Bangladesh SUMO contributors from 29 to 30 May 2015. It will
be the first SUMO meet up in Bangladesh.

Last year our contributors did some splendid work. We completed the Top 100
KB l10n challenge. Then we localized all the KB articles of all other
products. Yes we have made all the bars green. And of course localizing all
the Firefox OS KB articles in just 2 days. Our contributors deserve
celebration. So the meet up will be the celebration for all our success.
But that's not all. In these two days we will train our contributors on the
other ways of contributing in SUMO. We will also plan our future activities
and select strategy to engage more contributors as well as users for SUMO.
As many of our contributors live outside of Dhaka, this meet up will give
us the opportunity to physically meet all of those awesome people.

We have already selected some participants based on their contribution.
Here is the list [1]. If you think we missed you and you are worthy to
participate in the meet up then just fill up and submit this form [2]
before 2nd May. Due to our resource limitation this meet up will be invite
only. Don't worry. There are still a few slots to fill. If you get
selected, we will contact with you through email.

If you are Django developer or ever worked on a Django project and want to
contribute in SUMO feel free to submit the form.

Please note: Participants selected from outside of Dhaka will be provided
with travel allowance and accommodation.

If you have any thing to discuss please feel free to discuss in the


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