From:  Gauthamraj Elango <>
Date:  21 Jan 2014 23:44:00 Hong Kong Time

Re: Making use of the buddy forum


Hi Guys ,

I would like to share bit of my suggestion here .

The idea of Rosana / Madalina asssigning mentors for newbies sounds good .
But , if the number of interested increase and considering their busy
schedule at work , will it be overwhelm for them ?

So , how about we form task forces for AoA , Forum , l10n and document the
details of mentors for each of these taskforces ? If someone is interested
in a specific area they can get in touch with any of the mentors in that

Inturn , will get a SuMo buddy as well !

How do you guys see this ?

Cheers ,
I think buddy forum should be only for buddies only. Where buddies can
discuss amongst themselves.

I agree with Swarnava, some one should should assign new contributor to a
buddy, so things don't get mess. At the very beginning of buddy program it
was some thing like this. But I think it was complicated.

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