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Date:  10 May 2014 13:48:24 Hong Kong Time

RE: Promote Mozilla Support


Hello All,

I totally agree with Safwan. It is really needed to grow SuMo community.


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> Subject: Promote Mozilla Support
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> Hello all,
> As the user of Firefox is going day by day, we need to provide support to
> more users. In this way, we also need to promote SUMO in order to recruit
> new Volunteers. Also, in local community events of Mozilla, there are a lot
> of users having problem with Firefox! So, In order to provide support to
> them and grow community, we must need to promote SUMO at there.
> In my local community, I have proposed to have a SUMO booth at our events
> that user can get support from that booth. But fact is, we don't have
> anything to promote SUMO. Like Banners, lanyards, Brochures etc.
> So in order to getting new contributors and providing support to users, we
> need to promote SUMO anyhow. So, we need to have Banner that we can hang on
> the booth so users will understand easily that, they can get support from
> there. Also, if we have brochures regarding how to get involved and get
> support from Mozilla, that will also be helpful for Users and Contributors!
> Therefore, I would like to have Banner of SUMO or Banner Design so that we
> can print it locally. Also, will be glad if anyone can give any idea
> regarding making brochures.
> Regards
> Safwan
> *Volunteer of Mozilla Bangladesh.*
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