From:  Ashickur Rahman <>
Date:  15 Mar 2014 02:42:32 Hong Kong Time

“Top 100″: the SUMO localization challenge, few questions in mind


Hi worriers

I think “Top 100″: the SUMO localization challenge is a great way to boost
the KB l10n. I have few question in my mind.

   - What is the time duration of this challenge? :D , this question was
   raised by one of our local sumo worrier. It is a good question I think.
   - Is top 100 articles are only for firefox? Or it is general, I mean top
   100 articles of all product[0]?
   - If it is for all product, I am afraid almost 100 article will be from
   firefox, it is high chance that we will miss the articles of firefox OS and

These question raised in from our community, because we accept this
challenge. And we started planning[1] how to achieve this.


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