From:  Ashickur Rahman <>
Date:  15 Mar 2014 00:00:52 Hong Kong Time

Re: [MozillaBD 2020] Re: SuMo KB l10n sprint


Hi Gen

Thanks for your appreciation. We will definitely try to engage more new
user in SuMo and MDN.

Since most for SuMo KB are non technical term, and most of our FSA's are
new to the community, I think SuMo KB l10n will be a good way to start
contribution to mozilla. So I will try to engage more FSA into this
program. In bonus they will gain knowledge how a product or feature works,
which will be helpful for us in the future. But it will depends on there
their individual interest and firefox club.

Rosana, I am glad that you like our effort. We will try our best to achieve
this, lets hope for the best.

We are looking forward for the surprise.

Hey Swarnava, I will love to see bn-in in action like bn-bd.
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On 14 March 2014 20:58, Gen Kanai  wrote:

> Definitely a very important effort for 2014. We will see many new users
> of SuMo and MDN content in Bengali this year I predict.
> Is there any logic in trying to engage the FSAs to participate in l10n
> of SuMo?
> Gen
> On 3/14/14 11:22 PM, Rosana Ardila wrote:
> > Wow Ashickur!
> >
> > This is great news! You are definitely pushing the challenge to the next
> > level :) We will work on a surprise for the ones achieving this task :D
> >
> > So stay tuned! I'm curious who else wants to take this challenge and
> > organize itself so well!
> >
> > Go Bangladesh Go!
> >
> > - Rosana
> >
> >
> > On 3/14/14 3:03 PM, Ashickur Rahman wrote:
> >> Hi mozillians
> >>
> >> Hope you are well. Hope everybody knows about SuMo[0]. It is official
> >> project of mozilla to give support to the user. It has three way to
> >> help users and contribute. They are support forum, knowledge base
> >> article and army of awesomeness. In knowledge base we have a lot of
> >> article where user will get ready made solution of different problem
> >> and daily task. Most interesting feature of this KB is articles can
> >> easily be localized.
> >>
> >> Some of our regular contributor is regularly contributing to this
> >> project [1], and we are working actively. Now mozilla has announce a
> >> challenge of localizing top 100 articles[2]. Those who are regular in
> >> KB l10n, we think we can take this challenge. As the locale lead of KB
> >> l10n I announcing SuMo KB l10n sprint from 20 March 2014 to 20 May
> >> 2014. The goal will be localize top 100 KB article.
> >>
> >> I have opened an etherpad for this[3]. I am calling a IRC meeting on
> >> 19 March from 10 PM at #bangladesh. Hope interested mozillian will
> >> join with us. I have also open a reps portal event page[4].
> >>