From:  Luke Crouch <>
Date:  09 Mar 2015 23:53:37 Hong Kong Time
Subject: compatibility linting?



(Welcome to the first thread of the list!)

For the 2nd quarter in a row, "a service to test across browsers" in the
top 3 services that developers say "No, but I need to" use this. [1]

At the Compatibility Summit last week, Justin Crawford showed our MDN
"Pro"/Services plans for compatibility - i.e., build automation around web
compatibility data. [2]

He also learned about, which scans CSS for features covered by, and reports on browser compatibility. [3][4] needs some work (e.g., it's down as I write this ;), but John
Karahalis is considering working on & with it as a potential
MDN-sponsored/hosted compat linting tool/service in Q2.

What do you all think - is doiuse a good starting point? What changes seem
most important to build it up into an MVP by the end of Q2? I.e., something
we would be happy to blog about on :)