From:  Justin Crawford <>
Date:  16 Jun 2015 23:52:39 Hong Kong Time

MDN Services Meeting: Update and Minutes



At last week's meeting of the MDN Services Working Group, we made some
decisions that you need to know about, particularly if you are intending to
attend today's meeting (tl;dr: there is no meeting).

Before jumping into that, please note these opportunities to meet up with
the services group next week in Whistler!
* Tuesday evening: Come to the hack on MDN pitch night and learn how to
sign up to be an alpha user of MDN's compatibility and accessibility
scanning services! [3]
* All day Wednesday: Come hack on MDN services with the rest of the gang!

So -- in last week's meeting, we noted that the services projects we’re
working on[0, 1, 2] are not obviously overlapping right now -- not in
technology approach, not in UX, not in staff committed, not in completion
status. And we agreed, that is OK: We want these developer-facing services
to converge, but right now we need to explore several form factors and
problem domains. Considering this...
* We want to continue focusing on building MVPs of these services as
individual efforts now, with various levels of staffing (from skunkworks to
committed team), and meet fortnightly to compare notes.
* We need to reconsider our goals and measures, since without more
dedicated program and implementation staff we will be hard-pressed to hit
the ambitious targets we set in December. We still believe developer
services are important. Successfully building 3 of them simultaneously
would take more dedicated staff than we've had this year.

Please discuss here if you have questions or comments. Meanwhile, we'll
start the fortnightly meeting after the Whistler meetup.


Justin Crawford
Product Manager, MDN