From:  Jean-Yves Perrier <>
Date:  27 May 2015 04:43:38 Hong Kong Time

Re: Services program notes


Can you record Yvan's demo and put it on Air Mozilla. 7pm/8pm European
times is too late for such a short notice. We have lives.

Also 2 demos of prototypes in Whistler is not what I was told to present
in the PLR… last week.

In particular it means no 30 alpha accounts by the end of Q2 and
therefore this Q2 goal will be missed.

Has this been notified to our Stormy and our CMO? This is a significant
change in planning.

Thank you.

On 26/05/2015 21:10, Justin Crawford wrote:
> Greetings, MDN services list! Here's a quick update of progress.
> Today in the services meeting...
> * We had a demo of two prototypes the MDN team hacked on last week -- the
> Accessibility Scanner and the Compatibility Scanner. Both are running on
> heroku and linked from the agenda[0]. Check out the code and get involved
> if you can!
> * We agreed to have demos of both in Whistler -- watch the Whistler events
> calendar[1] for timing.
> * We identified more places where a SaaS marketing expert would be helpful
> (in this case, with names!). If you know someone who has successfully
> crafted go-to-market plans for SaaS products, please reach out.
> Tomorrow Yvan will give a brown bag about the security service his team has
> been working on, and Luke will join to talk about MDN Pro. It's at 12:00
> p.m. PDT, 7pm UTC.
> [0]
> [1]

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