From:  Justin Crawford <>
Date:  27 May 2015 04:10:41 Hong Kong Time

Services program notes


Greetings, MDN services list! Here's a quick update of progress.

Today in the services meeting...
* We had a demo of two prototypes the MDN team hacked on last week -- the
Accessibility Scanner and the Compatibility Scanner. Both are running on
heroku and linked from the agenda[0]. Check out the code and get involved
if you can!
* We agreed to have demos of both in Whistler -- watch the Whistler events
calendar[1] for timing.
* We identified more places where a SaaS marketing expert would be helpful
(in this case, with names!). If you know someone who has successfully
crafted go-to-market plans for SaaS products, please reach out.

Tomorrow Yvan will give a brown bag about the security service his team has
been working on, and Luke will join to talk about MDN Pro. It's at 12:00
p.m. PDT, 7pm UTC.


Justin Crawford
Product Manager, MDN