From:  John Karahalis <>
Date:  13 Mar 2015 22:29:12 Hong Kong Time

Re: MDN Services "support"


In the early stages, a bug tracker might be best. I suspect most people
will be reporting bugs and requesting features, and even most support
requests will be testaments of unclear or misleading user interfaces.
Capturing the history of requests/confusions someplace permanent, and
someplace that encourages acting upon them, would be super helpful.

On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 10:08 AM, Luke Crouch  wrote:

> mdn-services,
> We need to set up some kind of support channel for developers who start
> using the first MDN services prototypes. (Security prototype should be
> usable by the end of this month.)
> We discussed simply setting up, but we can't
> create email aliases at mozilla sub-domains. So, our options are:
> 1. Direct users to this list for support requests
> 2. Create a new list
> 3. Direct users to each project's independent channel (e.g., GitHub issue
> tracker, bugzilla)
> 4. Something else I'm not considering?
> Does anyone have a strong preference which way we go?
> -L
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