From:  Patrick Cloke <>
Date:  30 Sep 2009 05:05:27 Hong Kong Time

Re: Unlicensed files in fakeserver & unit tests (from mailnews)


On 9/8/2009 5:58 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 07/09/09 15:27, Patrick Cloke wrote:
>> OK. Should I add a header to these files when using them to show where
>> they came from?
> If that makes it harder (patch-wise) to contribute changes back, then
> no. If you have some reason to edit the Mozilla versions and check them
> in, feel free to add an (accurate, which can require a little work)
> header, and then use the new headered version.
> Gerv


Would it be worth filing a bug about it? Even if I don't know the 
correct heading?