From:  Daniel Glazman <>
Date:  21 Jan 2018 22:06:24 Hong Kong Time

Re: Handing off Style System module ownership to Cameron McCormack


Le jeudi 4 janvier 2018 13:29:09 UTC+1, Jet Villegas a écrit :

> Congratulations, Cameron. Rewriting modules has the nice effect of
> improving the bus factor when new contributors pick up the design and
> implementation. Let’s carve deeper into the Layout engine!

If I believe Twitter, Cameron was laid off with the other 70% of
Mozilla Taiwan. Sorry but I don't understand, at all. I think I read
his contributions to Quantum were instrumental, and I've personally
witnessed in the CSS WG how instrumental Cameron is. And Cameron is the
Style System owner now. I urge Mozilla to hire him again, whatever the
solution. Hire him remotely, contract with him, whatever; just do it for
the sake of the new Style engine. Thanks.