From:  Dan Scott <>
Date:  12 Mar 2013 12:02:21 Hong Kong Time

Re: Hello, World.


On Fri, Mar 08, 2013 at 11:40:16AM -0800, Michael Hoye wrote:
Hi Mike / world!

Lots of questions here, and I feel like my interests might be slightly
misaligned with MozEdu which seems to be targeted more at developing
Firefox itself, rather than building on top of Firefox, but it's worth a
> So that's what I'd like to start with here.
> - What do you have.

I have: a fair bit of experience contributing to various open source
communities over the past decade; a position at Laurentian University
that lets me work with students in the Computer Science program; a
desire to share knowledge of real-world development practices (with a
focus on open source, naturally) with those students so that they have
more than homework assignments to draw upon when they walk into
their first development job; an interest in balancing the existing
somewhat WebKit-oriented HTML5 documentation primarily available on the
Web with a Firefox-first set of code labs, etc; and (perhaps most
importantly), time in the form of an upcoming sabbatical.

Oh, I also have a ~4-year-old laptop with a dying "n" key, so any typos
due to missing n's aren't 100% my fault :)

> - What do you want from somebody, and how can you check it.

I want to avoid duplicating efforts, so I'd like to know if a set of
"building Web apps for Firefox / FirefoxOS" progressive tutorials is
already a gleam in anyone's eye, or actively underway, and if so, who
are you and is there room to collaborate?

> - What can you give them, and

I was a technical writer in a past life and have developed and delivered
a number of tutorials and code labs, so I _think_ I can offer the
promise of publishing a cohesive set of progressive tutorials focused on
Firefox / FirefoxOS over the course of the next year. Ultimately I'd
like to pull that collection together in a CC-licensed text book. (I
want to say, by the way, that MDN has some fabulous reference material
on fundamental HTML5 technology that answers the "what is ..."
questions, but I think there's room to provide more answers to the "how
do I / how should I" questions via tutorials). 

> - How hard will that be to get.

I think the hardest part will be matching my time with the goals of the
overall project. I won't be able to start in earnest until July, and
there will be a period of transition & ramp-up from my current role back
into full-on tech writing mode... but before then I hope to start making
contact with Mozilla developer advocates / evangelists / what have you
to coordinate efforts, if my goals seem compatible with the project's.
This list seems like it could be a good place to hash things out!

Dan Scott