From:  "" <>
Date:  15 Feb 2011 00:01:22 Hong Kong Time

Re: Suggestions for improving the activity streams on Drumbeat


On 14/02/2011 14:31, Paul Osman wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Thanks for the feedback / ideas. My replies inline:
> On 11-02-14 06:10 AM, wrote:
>> Shall we allow a user to indicate which of their profile links should
>> feed their social streams?
>> Some users will only want to add some of their links so that others can
>> reference them if they
>> wish to without pulling them into their social streams.
> Completely agree. The links section can use some serious UX love and 
> this is one of the first things we should tackle. There two cases we 
> don't cover right now that I'd like us to cover soon: 1) adding a link 
> but not subscribing to feed entries, 2) adding a specific feed URL 
> rather than relying on feed discovery.
Sounds perfect  +1
>> In order to reduce noise within social streams shall we pull in notices
>> that are tagged
>> only with #Drumbeat or federate with the !Drumbeat group or originate
>> from a
>> Social@Mozilla account which should in the main be used for
>> reporting on
>> issues surrounding Mozilla and the Open web?
> Solutions that rely on tagging or groups are implementation specific. 
> The same code that handles notices from StatusNet handles blogs, 
> Github accounts, etc. I'm not keen to write one-off code for StatusNet.

That's fair enough. Perhaps worth revisiting at a later date or could be 
good for a GSOC project for someone if Drumbeat are taking part this year
> I think we can solve this problem with a more instructive UI.
>> Just added my GitHub URI as a profile link and all of my activity looks
>> to have been
>> pulled into my social stream, it's probably best to only pull in recent
>> activity as we
>> do for and only activity that is pertinent to the mission to
>> support the Open Web.
> Yeah, feeds that contain more than one entry are currently parsed in 
> entirety. I'd rather just take the more recent one. That'd be a good 
> bug to file ;)
> With regard to pertinence, that's up to the user and I think it's best 
> solved with a better UI (i.e. something that says "here's what's going 
> to happen when you add this link. Do you want that?).

> btw, this is all very website specific. In order to reduce traffic, 
> I'm going to drop the community list from future replies. If people 
> want to be involved in discussions about the drumbeat-website, they 
> can subscribe to that mailing list.
> -Paul