From:  Paul Osman <>
Date:  14 Feb 2011 22:31:11 Hong Kong Time

Re: Suggestions for improving the activity streams on Drumbeat


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback / ideas. My replies inline:

On 11-02-14 06:10 AM, wrote:
> Shall we allow a user to indicate which of their profile links should
> feed their social streams?
> Some users will only want to add some of their links so that others can
> reference them if they
> wish to without pulling them into their social streams.

Completely agree. The links section can use some serious UX love and 
this is one of the first things we should tackle. There two cases we 
don't cover right now that I'd like us to cover soon: 1) adding a link 
but not subscribing to feed entries, 2) adding a specific feed URL 
rather than relying on feed discovery.

> In order to reduce noise within social streams shall we pull in notices
> that are tagged
> only with #Drumbeat or federate with the !Drumbeat group or originate
> from a
> Social@Mozilla account which should in the main be used for
> reporting on
> issues surrounding Mozilla and the Open web?

Solutions that rely on tagging or groups are implementation specific. 
The same code that handles notices from StatusNet handles blogs, Github 
accounts, etc. I'm not keen to write one-off code for StatusNet.

I think we can solve this problem with a more instructive UI.

> Just added my GitHub URI as a profile link and all of my activity looks
> to have been
> pulled into my social stream, it's probably best to only pull in recent
> activity as we
> do for and only activity that is pertinent to the mission to
> support the Open Web.

Yeah, feeds that contain more than one entry are currently parsed in 
entirety. I'd rather just take the more recent one. That'd be a good bug 
to file ;)

With regard to pertinence, that's up to the user and I think it's best 
solved with a better UI (i.e. something that says "here's what's going 
to happen when you add this link. Do you want that?).

btw, this is all very website specific. In order to reduce traffic, I'm 
going to drop the community list from future replies. If people want to 
be involved in discussions about the drumbeat-website, they can 
subscribe to that mailing list.