From:  "" <>
Date:  14 Feb 2011 19:10:51 Hong Kong Time

Suggestions for improving the activity streams on Drumbeat



Shall we allow a user to indicate which of their profile links should 
feed their social streams?
Some users will only want to add some of their links so that others can 
reference them if they
wish to without pulling them into their social streams.

In order to reduce noise within social streams shall we pull in notices 
that are tagged
only with #Drumbeat or federate with the !Drumbeat group or originate 
from a
Social@Mozilla account which should in the main be used for 
reporting on
issues surrounding Mozilla and the Open web?

Just added my GitHub URI as a profile link and all of my activity looks 
to have been
pulled into my social stream, it's probably best to only pull in recent 
activity as we
do for and only activity that is pertinent to the mission to 
support the Open Web.

Paul Booker