From:  Matt Thompson <>
Date:  10 Aug 2010 22:48:33 Hong Kong Time

Re: [Drumbeat] Need any help?


Hey, Paul! The other thing we could use some help with right now are the priority Drupal fixes listed in the bugs below. They're assigned to Ned right now, but he's busy on other things and has some vacation coming up, so anything you could do to help move these forward -- even if it's just doing some poking around / research and commenting in the bug threads would be appreciated. 

Thanks for your help as always!!! 


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On 2010-08-10, at 4:47 AM, wrote:

> Hi Drumbeat
> Hope everyone is well & enjoying the summer.
> Will be resurfacing this week after a couple of weeks of learning
> Django.
> Would you let me know if there is any where i can help out either
> with Drumbeat or affiliated projects that were looking to support.
> If there is a "Helpout with .. " wiki page feel free to just point me
> at that.
> Best regards
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