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Date:  24 Jul 2010 06:10:24 Hong Kong Time

Re: [Drumbeat] Fwd: Announcing Batucada - Marching Towards 1.0



I have been thinking about this thread a bit. One of the things I keep
coming back to – vis a vis Projects asking for help form specific skill
types – is that one way we could think of Drumbeat is as an open-source job

In this sense we would have to think about modelling user skills and project
requirements in a manor similar to how Monster or Elance articulate these
relationships. For example, Elance has a large, teared list of predefined
skills with tests to determine competency in many of these skills.

I am not sure if testing of skills would be useful in our context or not. I
am more pointing out that s Guidance Counsellor could help us structure this
area of functionality.

I think this may be an idea for a later iteration, but it could be quite
powerful. Having a mechanism by witch projects can find contributors and
vice-versa is one of the most asked for features.


On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 10:59 AM, Paul Osman wrote:

> Hi Brad,
> My replies are inline.
> On 10-07-10 10:51 PM, B. Kip wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> ...
>> I wonder if some of the documentation I was talking about could be
>> included
>> in the sign-up process- like you say 'leading them through' it.  It would
>> need to be fairly briefly worded statements.  I don't remember the process
>> I
>> went through exactly, but I think one screen per action would be better
>> than
>> having a lot of different things to do on a single page.  So, for example,
>> on one page you could present an edit box and instructions/advice like:
>> 'Please give a brief summary of your project (max #words).  This will be
>> shown (here) and (here) and (here) on the site.  This will be seen mostly
>> by
>> people who.. [are in the process of searching for projects to sign up for/
>> are seeing your project page for the first time/ know all about your
>> project/ etc. as applicable].  Statements like 'x', 'x', and 'x' are
>> helpful.  [Such and such] kind of statements are less likely to attract
>> enthusiastic participants.' etc, etc.
> I think we're talking about two user stories here: signing up and creating
> a project. Not all users will be creating projects, so they should be
> separate.
> I'd like the sign-up process to be as straight-forward as possible,
> requiring users to only provide the necessary info (a username / password or
> openid and an email address). Once they're authenticated, I think we should
> give them subtle encouragements to fill out a profile, describing their
> interests, skill-sets, upload a picture, etc.
> For creating projects, I think a similar approach could work. Let users
> fill out the minimum required fields (project title, description, etc) and
> then encourage them with a progress indicator or something towards filling
> out the rest. I think if we're smart about the UI design, we can make it
> fairly obvious where certain fields will be shown. That's something that
> we're really not doing at the moment.
>  One big reason the current site succeeds at connecting like minded people
>> is
>> because, being a Mozilla project, it *attracts* like minded people.
> Although one of the goals of Drumbeat is to reach *beyond* the
> "traditional" Mozilla community.
>  As far
>> as the connecting itself goes, several things I have seen are helpful:
>> listing projects to join as part of the sign up process helps encourage
>> people to connect to projects that interest them from the beginning, mass
>> emailing to project members helps with communication (still some
>> formatting
>> hiccups here), having social networking links in user profiles enables
>> learning about and connecting with project members in a variety of ways,
>> Twitter and RSS and other links on the project pages help members find
>> various ways to connect to and follow the project.  As far as members
>> connecting to each other, particularly around a particular project, I
>> don't
>> think there are currently any clear ways for that to happen.  It would be
>> very good to have.
> I agree completely. One of the goals of batucada is to have a very
> user-centric landing page (think of a "dashboard"). This would also be a
> good place to "nudge" users towards projects that might align with their
> interests.
> The project -> contributors communications will be totally revamped. The
> current formatting hiccups won't carry over.
> We've talked a lot about how best to connect other social networking sites.
> I think links (or "profiles") are great and I think for certain social
> networks we can offer some kind of integration (i.e. if a project uses
> Github or Facebook, we can have activities from those sites appear on the
> project home page).
>  I think the joining process could benefit by being more explicit.  I
>> talked
>> a bit about joining and voting before.  I think that people have a lot of
>> different motivations when they join a project.  Sometimes it is mostly to
>> show support- pretty much the equivalent of voting.  Sometimes it is more
>> like 'following', where they want to be updated on what is happening with
>> a
>> project.  Other times they really want to get involved- either in specific
>> ways, or in some way but they are not sure how.  If the process of joining
>> a
>> project made it possible for people to clarify their motivations and to
>> specify how they would like to be involved (this would be a good place to
>> display a list of things the project wants, like web page design, video
>> production, or whatever)- maybe via check boxes or similar- this would
>> make
>> it easier for project administrators to interact with members, and would
>> help members to understand how they can get involved.  It could also help
>> members connect with others to work together on certain aspects of a
>> project.
> This is awesome. I love the idea of project maintainers being able to
> specify discrete tasks they need help with, and have those presented to
> users. Good way to encourage engagement beyond simple expression of support.
>  Some things that might encourage mentoring to happen would be some way(s)
>> for people to signal what things they would be willing/able to advise
>> others
>> about, and levels of experience and expertise.  Some ways to find these
>> people would then be needed for those wanting help.  Perhaps the
>> 'signaling'
>> could be included in user profiles, with some ways for others to search
>> for
>> them, but I'm not sure what are the best specific mechanics for this.  The
>> idea that this is a community where people assist each other as they work
>> through different projects toward common goals could be integrated more
>> into
>> the presentation of the site: on the front page, in the 'About' section,
>> in
>> the explanatory text in the sign-up process, in 'help' documentation, etc.
>> And you could email all project administrators with the message 'Be a
>> Mentor!' :-)
> I like this too. Probably a bit much to bite off for the first release, but
> definitely something we could include in a future release beyond that.
> Thanks again for all the feedback. This is helpful and I appreciate it!
> Cheers,
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